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About Us

We believe in developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients to ensure their BDC is consistently driving traffic and creating sales!


Proactive Dealer Solutions is a training and consulting company specializing in the implementation and rehabilitation of Business Development Initiatives within Automotive Dealerships. As The BDC Experts, we have distinguished ourselves as the industry leader for Automotive Business Development across the US and Canada.

We work with Dealers to increase their business without increasing their advertising budgets, by maximizing the sales and service opportunities that they currently have. This is done through a philosophy called Total Opportunity Management which improves productivity and profitability through better structure, control and accountability of dealership operations.

This effort is referred to as a Business Development Initiative, which is much more than a BDC (Business Development Center). It is a total effort by the dealership as a whole to improve operations in a way that realizes its full potential.