Digital Retailing Resource Package

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Digital Retail Complete Resource Package
Along with instant digital access, the complete subscription package comes with physical materials for up to 5 Digital Retail Agents plus the full communication guide.

Digital Retail Playbook & Toolbox
Organized around a proven six-phase delivery framework and broken into specific chapters to support each phase, the Digital Retail Playbook takes you from prepping to launching to optimizing the performance of your Digital Retailing Team. In the Toolbox section, each phase and core topic is supported by a collection of templates, roadmaps, activities, training modules, and additional resources.

Digital Retail Communication Guide
Every shopper is motivated by a specific persona that can be identified through "digital body language" and specific customer cues. More than scripts and templates alone, this complete workbook is a training tool designed to rewire your Salespeople with an understanding of how to move and motivate the online shoppers to the next step, moving them down the sales funnel at the rate the customer wants to go.